Phantom Skies and Shifting Ground: Landscape, Culture, and Rephotography in Eadweard Muybridge's Illustrations of Central America

Field note essays

Enduring Landmarks
An overview of people’s attachment to persistent features in their landscapes.

Rescuing the "Sacrificial Stone"
How rescue archaeology can make a past landscape a part of a new landscape’s landscaping.

Cerro del Carmen, Recuperating
A small experiment in renewing a landscape by recovering its past.

Changing Scenes in the Plaza
A discussion of the evolution of the plaza. 

Field Study at Las Nubes
An account of photographing a landscape that has become a shrine to the person who first photographed it.

On the Edge of Quetzaltenango
A lesson in how to see urbanization in Guatemala’s highlands.

Recapitulation at Santa María de Jesús
A description of the nature of field work in rephotography.

Restless Spirits on Volcan Agua
An account of some the difficulties and exhilarations that accompany field work.

Tiene Oro en Sus Manos” (“You have gold in your hands”)
A discourse on the value of historic photographs in the landscapes where they were made.

Historic Lumpiness in Panamá Viejo
Seeking historic landscapes in a city that is rebuilding the past for profit. 

Receptions of the Artists
An account that compares Muybridge’s experiences in Central America to our own.